the 7 Lighting Professional Secrets.

by Jean-Jacques Lanzo.

An incredibly accessible, high-level masterclass in lighting design,
for homeowners about to start installing or renewing their lighting system.

Download The electronic version of " ILLUMINATE YOUR HOME LIKE A LIGHTING DESIGNER WOULD, the 7 Lighting Professional Secrets ."
Brought to you by the Award Winning, decades strong, Lighting Studio : Liquidesign,
this Exclusive guide shares with you, a well of knowledge that is usually reserved to our professional or affluent clientele.

The general state of the domestic illumination is vastly overlooked and we know first hand that for a lack of expertise,
bad lighting is prevalent in most homes and its effects are severe and long lasting.
This Guide will allow you to take matters into your own hands and enhance the well being of your family by being able to
take the right decisions to balance comfort, energy efficiency, flexibility, aesthetic and wellness... just like a Lighting Designer would ! 

Instead of throwing at you tips and tricks we take the bet that sharing fundamental knowledge will unleash your understanding and creativity and guide you toward a much better handling of your home’s illumination. 

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On Sale at the occasion of the launching of Liquidesign Home Edition and its set of unique services tailor-made for homeowners around the world, this Guide is way more than the usual "tips and tricks" you can find around the internet. We share with you the real keys underlying our daily professional practice and you will be able to design your lighting in ways you would never thought possible, as we give you the fundamental tools to unleash your creation ! 

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Liquidesign home edition is a division of Liquidesign Studio aiming at providing Lighting Design Solutions for our valued non-professional audience worldwide.

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